What we do.

Whatever funds we collect from the investors, we invest those into Gaming Rents, Gaming Concerts, Create new games together associated with EA Games and also create Casino Games. Velzaa Fincorp is our funding department which helps us to invest in Games and earn steady rentals income everyday ranging from 6% to 8% from where we share the profits to our investors. As we are into various Gaming related market, we earn more percentage than our daily steady percentage and hence we confidently launched this platform, to open a world of investments. Investors has been searching for years a secured investment platform , and we assure you, we are the one. That’s why we say, “Crafted for Investors”.

Our Mission.

To be a World Leading Investment Platform and make the most secured platform for Investors.
“Changes can happen until we decide to do so”

CEO, Velzaa Fincorp Ltd


Our Team

Thomas Wilson

Success is earned by hard work from time to time, not overnight.

Cheif Executive Officer
Keviner Wilsoni

I personally has setup a station at my home apart from office, just to keep the website updated with Technical Issues. I always strive to give the best user performance.

Director - Information Technology
Sying Wei

Building trust takes times and breaking trust takes a second. I look after the Trust Management of the company and makes sure all our investors are happy.

Trust Management Incharge